Hi. I’m George Lantz.

Here are some thoughts of mine.

Free MongoDB Courses

I have been experimenting with MongoDB and evaluating the value of using it at our organization. It’s obviously quite a bit different than traditional relational databases. The concepts are quite a bit different than the database concepts I have used for so long. It’s nice that MongoDB offers free courses to help us old dogs learn new tricks. Try it out. The courses are high quality and quite good (so far). Even if you already know MongoDB, I think there are things you could pick up from taking these courses. There is homework though… https://education.mongodb.com/

Hello World (Goodbye WP)

I blasted my old blog. I grew tired of contantly dealing with WordPress issues. Top that with the fact that my site was hosted on Godaddy.com, ugh! I wanted something different. Something lightweight. Something easy to tweak. I don’t have much time for Wordpress updates and template hacks. I’m trying Octopress for my new blogging platform and testing Heroku for hosting. So far so good. I like the ‘geekiness’ of it. This is my first post so… “Hello, world!”